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At North Hills Recycling, we are dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions for your landscaping needs.
North Hills Recycling
Our selection of high-quality soil, sand, and mulch is not only sustainably sourced but also designed to enhance the beauty and health of your outdoor spaces. Explore the different materials we offer and find the perfect match for next landscaping project!

Soil & Soil Amendments

Soil offers a multitude of benefits that ensure the vitality and beauty of outdoor spaces. Rich in nutrients, it fosters robust plant growth, anchoring roots firmly and providing the essential minerals and organic matter needed for flowers, shrubs, and trees to thrive. Beyond nourishment, soil aids in water management, facilitating proper drainage while retaining moisture where it's needed, preventing both waterlogging and drought stress.

Bark & Mulch

Bark and mulch significantly enhance the health and aesthetics of garden beds and landscapes. These materials serve as a protective layer over the soil, conserving moisture by reducing evaporation, which is crucial for plant health during dry periods. They also play a pivotal role in weed suppression, limiting the growth of unwanted plants by blocking sunlight.


Aggregates, including gravel, pebbles, and stones provide excellent drainage, preventing water accumulation and protecting plant roots from rot. Aggregates are also used to create stable, low-maintenance pathways and patios that add functional and aesthetic value to outdoor spaces. Their durability and versatility allow for a variety of design options, from formal, structured looks to more natural, rustic aesthetics.
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